How to be a professional blogger?

Hello, my wonderful friends, this is me again, do you remember what my articles were like in 2016 and 2017? Of course, it was bad because I started in the blogging business by relying solely on myself and myself.
I went through the whole experience and made something out of nothing. Despite the disappointments at the beginning of the process, the weakness of the language, and the lack of experience, I simply did not give up! I tried and tried and here I am! Thanks to everyone who supported me or participated in one of my articles, thanks to everyone who contributed to my success, and I know that if a person works diligently and transparently, he will reap the fruits of what he started…
My revenue as a blogger is not limited to Google Adsense ads but has grown and I deal personally with companies, thank God.
In my career as a blogger, I have had a lot of successes, but hey:

What does the adjective “blogger” mean?

A blogger is a person who is able to narrate events in his own way and express his opinion about them, and here he must have background information about the field in which he is blogged, and this is unmistakable.
A blogger is a person who is able to inspire and amaze others in his pitfalls, his narration, his circumvention, and his intelligence in communicating information or opinion properly without being a sharp, unacceptable opinion, thus winning the audience instead of losing them.
The blogger has the power to convince you of his opinion in a friendly and informative way, without yelling and wailing!
We can all be bloggers as long as we are ourselves and not try to steal a blogger’s style because it works! This is wrong because what someone else succeeds in does not mean that it will succeed with you! We all have our methods and the way we are listed and we have our own opinion, so if you are seeking to be a blogger, you must be yourself, but this does not mean that you do not have to develop on your own! No, but develop yourself with your true personality, not the artificial one, as lying is a very short rope.

Do you want to be a blogger?

Learning has become very easy in the era of technology. In light of the current pandemic, teaching has become online, let alone learning skills and experiences? Of course, you do not have to attend halls to learn expertise or a trade, but you can do so from your computer or smartphone.
I have been blogging for five years and have great experience and knowledge in this field, which is why the idea came to me to share what I learned during my career with others as I always do.
I have created a course for those who want to become a blogger and have absolutely no experience. The course is aimed at literal beginners. Through it, you will be able to write in the right and very important steps, and you will have the experience and information you need.
Now I leave you with the course introduction, and you will find the link below:

Course link: How to become a professional blogger
The course is in Arabic.




MOHAMED, a technical writer from Iraq. my website: .

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Mohamed Sattar

Mohamed Sattar

MOHAMED, a technical writer from Iraq. my website: .

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