Will Iraqi telecom companies be able to save themselves before it is too late?

SpaceX Starlink VS Iraqi telecom companies

Iraqi telecommunications companies for broadband and cellular data have played their role for many years. It has served us, developed its own infrastructure for years, collected strong revenue from subscribers and gained fame across Iraq.

Despite all these years, we have not seen any significant improvement in the Internet service in general, but the transition from the second generation to the third generation “fake” for telecommunications companies that provide cellular data. Broadband companies (Internet companies that provide you with Internet through the towers — there is a nano receives the connection and a specter sends the connection to the nano) has only raised prices and hacked foreign films and series from various video streaming services (such as Netflix, HBO, and dozens of other companies Production).

The dominance of the current group of companies in Iraq on the market and monopolized so as not to enter any other company to compete in the special formats we do not want to talk about. Hegemony did not include northern Iraq because it is completely cut off from central and southern Iraq and the government there is different from the government here. Internet connectivity in northern Iraq is not comparable to the rest of the regions and the providers are not the same as us.

Summary of the above: We have companies provide the Internet at the speed you like and at the prices you like and block the Internet whenever you want and you can not object to them and do not allow other companies to compete.

So solutions seem nil! But always trust that there is light in the end! For some time now, we have been hearing about SpaceX, which is to provide the Internet with space via satellites. The goal of this project is to provide fast and affordable Internet to all! Regardless of the speed of the Internet and the price of subscription, through this project we will get rid of several things that have become very disobedient to us, which I will summarize you in the following points:

1. There will be no repression and blocking of the Internet after the activation of the project!

The authorities repress people in the event of deterioration of the situation and this is what we saw in the October 1 demonstrations that took place in Iraq, which blocked the Internet for a long time and then returned but with the blocking of social media (Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Telegram in addition to WhatsApp). The blockade lasted from October 2 to October 26 due to renewed demonstrations on October 25.

So when the project is done, authoritarian governments will not be able to block or block the Internet at will. (Blocking or disrupting the Internet is a violation of human rights).

2. Fast Internet for everyone!

It is good to see equality between the poor and the rich. Not only that, the Internet will not become a monopoly for a particular company or a certain entity! You will be able to have a high-speed Internet and cheap money, which we will discuss in the next point.

3. Reasonable prices without exploitation!

Our weeping is the exploitation of prices compared to speeds. The StarLink network will provide speeds of at least 1000MB / S (unconfirmed leaked information) at the lowest subscription plan if the leaks we’ve seen are true! We in Iraq do not exceed our Internet speed of 1 MB and the prices of subscriptions are very high as the lowest price is 30 thousand Iraqi dinars (about $ 25).

So this unjust rule of Iraqi Internet companies will end and they will become obsolete from the past and the user will not need them and their services, which are said to be very bad.

I know that there are a lot of questions in your mind that are looking for answers, but rest assured that the answer will come in time to your questions and then I will answer some of the questions I have available.

How will we receive the call? There will be a device you will buy from SpaceX, which we can say is like a nano and a router.
How do I sign up after purchasing the device? This question is very important. The payment will be through your credit card and there will be an account on the site and according to what you have reached will use the same account in the device, ie you will put your account information you created on the site in the receiver and on this question we await further clarification in the near future.
Will governments be able to control and block the Internet? Absolutely not! So far, SpaceX has not talked about giving StarLink control to governments and Elon Musk’s goal is to give freedom to all without blocking and repression. The possibility of giving certain powers to governments is unlikely and governments will not be able to block it.
The rest of the questions I will answer when the company reveals its answers.

So will the Iraqi telecommunications companies wake up late to face this danger that will make them nothing? Or will the project be fought and the media obscured? Either way, Iraqi companies are in big trouble, either to provide the same service that Starlink will provide at the same price or will be set aside! Your position is difficult and if you wake up late, people will revolt, saying where have you been and why haven’t you done it all these years? Of course, there will be lawsuits against these companies, the content of which they exploited people for many years and made them pay exorbitant amounts for very poor services. A difficult situation will face Iraqi telecommunications companies.

We hope that this article has provided you with the benefit and all the information mentioned is confirmed except for those that were not confirmed about the Starlink project, which we will have very wide coverage about it in the site of upscale informatics.

Original article: هل ستستطيع شركات الإتصالات العراقية إنقاذ نفسها قبل فوات الأوان؟




MOHAMED, a technical writer from Iraq. my website: www.a1lraqi.com .

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Mohamed Sattar

Mohamed Sattar

MOHAMED, a technical writer from Iraq. my website: www.a1lraqi.com .

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